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The problem with other adult boards is that they're littered with posers and scammers. How do we handle that? Upon signing up, each producer/agent is investigated and given a category from 1 to 3. Performers get to choose who is allowed to email them based upon these categories. The meaning of each is described below...

Category 3 Producers/Agents have been deemed perfectly trustworthy. Big-time producers that you've heard of will be in this group as well as smaller producers who are known to be accepted in the industry.
Category 2 Producers/Agents have been deemed "probably" legitimate. They may be a small shop but they've got a unique website, a registered corporation, or at least a clip store with a decent amount of valid content.
Category 1 Producers/Agents have almost nothing to confirm their legitimacy. They likely have no website, corporation in place, or history of producing content. This is where your fakers will live.
By default every new employer goes into Category 1. Once you've been vetted, we'll make sure you're put into the proper Category.

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